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Clean Teen ReadsIn my novel, Rockin’ Into Romance, our main character, violinist Arianna, takes a trip to Boston to visit her older sister, Gretchen. Although the Stefanoff family moved from Boston to St. Louis, MO, Gretchen remained in Boston to continue her studies there.

Tanglewood Music Center

During Arianna’s visit, the girls take in an evening symphony at the Tanglewood Music Center. This well-known music venue, located about 2 hours outside of Boston, is indicative of the music culture in the area. It has been the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra since 1937.

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“Tanglewood” took its name from Tanglewood Tales, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1853, while he lived in a cottage located on the original estate.

Three Music Schools

Tanglewood is also home to three music schools, one of which is the Tanglewood Music Center. The school has an interesting history dating from the 1940s when it was founded by Russian composer, Serge Koussevitzky. The TMC became Koussevitzky’s pride and joy for the rest of his life. He assembled an extraordinary faculty in composition, operatic and choral activities, and instrumental performance; he himself taught the most gifted conductors.

A Vital Role In America’s Musical LifeClean Teen Reads

It would be impossible to list all the distinguished musicians who have studied at the Tanglewood Music Center, but Leonard Bernstein would be a great example. Bernstein composed the music for West Side Story, among his many other achievements.

According to recent estimates, 20 percent of the members of American symphony orchestras, and 30 percent of all first-chair players, studied at the TMC. Today, alumni of the Tanglewood Music Center play a vital role in the musical life of the nation.

A Drastic Change

As we get a glimpse of the deep roots of music culture of Boston, it helps the reader to understand all that Arianna was forced to leave behind, and why Missouri was such a drastic change for her.

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