Teens on the Scene: What Difference Can a Book Make?

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An interesting question: What difference can a book make? Or a few books?

For a small Malawi village, it meant the difference between running water and no running water. It meant the difference between electricity for their homes and no electricity.

How can this be?

It’s an amazing story of Teens on the Scene.

Clean Teen ReadsA Teen with a Keen Curiosity

When Malawian, William Kamkwamba, was a young teen, he possessed a keen curiosity about anything mechanical. In 2002, when he was only 14, a severe famine in the land forced him to drop out of school. His father was a farmer and they were unable to pay the school tuition. Many people literally starved to death during this famine.

Idea from a Book

In their village was a small library. In an attempt to further his education on his own, William borrowed books from this little library. It was the science books, and books about electricity and power, that fascinated him most, especially a book called Using Energy.

It was from reading, and then re-reading, and re-reading, that William got the idea to create a windmill to generate electricity for their home. Not only did he have no parts to make the windmill, he had no tools.

Tools and Parts Scrounged Up from the ScrapyardClean Teen Reads

Ever resourceful and inventive, William made his own tools from items found at the local scrap yards. The parts for the windmill came from there as well.

During this time, he was the brunt of the jokes and name-calling throughout the village. Most people thought he was crazy. But his dream, his vision, drove him forward.

Clean Teen ReadsIt Works!

Just as he knew it would, William’s makeshift windmill worked and his family had electricity in their home. Eventually, word got out and area officials and news people heard of this teen with the great invention of a homemade windmill.

Electricity for his home and the village, was just the bare beginning of William’s dreams and visions. He wanted running water for irrigation so there would never be another killing famine. He also wanted to supply more books and better schools for the children in his country.


Projects, Projects, and More Projects

Click HERE to see the list of projects that have so far been completed; and a list of projects William yet dreams about.  

I read about William in this book: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

So much good is being done, instigated and dreamed of by one teenager. And it all began with a book.

What difference can a book make? Ask William Kamkwamba.

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Practicing Too Much? Can That Be?

Do you play a musical instrument? Do your parents have to keep after you to practice, practice, practice?

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In my novel, Rockin’ into Romance, our main character, Arianna, never has to be told to practice her violin. She is intense about her love for music and for her instrument. (And, after all, she IS from a very musical family.) Her parents, however, would like to see her loosen up and have a bit of fun. (Rockin’ into Romance is the 3rd title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection.)



Teen violin virtuoso, Roberto Ruisi, is like Arianna in some ways. He is soClean Teen Reads skilled and committed to his music, that he was actually given a rare Stradivarius to play while on tour. The owner of the instrument, John Ludlow, was drawn to Ruisi, as they both come from Edgbaston in Birmingham, UK, and attended the same King Edward’s School.

Amazing things can happen when you are dedicated, disciplined, and committed.

What are the struggles/joys in your life with regard to being a musician? I would love to hear back from you. Leave your comments below.

You can read more about Roberto – just click here.  http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-28639712   And here: http://www.the12ensemble.com/#!roberto/c1dxb

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