During my writing career I have been privileged to have over 50 titles published under my name. Due to the nature of the publishing world in days past, most of these titles were off the shelves and out of print in a short period of time. Sad but true. Now, a new day has dawned in the word of publishing. Digital publishing has allowed me to bring out my past titles just for you – my new generation of readers.

The  Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection is a series of 6 titles – each one an adventurous, fun-filled light romance. Even though these stories were written years ago (before cell phones!), they are timeless. I’m excited to be able to bring these stories out of the files and into your hands. I hope you enjoy your read.

Flower in the Hills is the 1st title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection   {Now FREE Kindle Download!}                                                     

First time I have read this author, and I was invited by the author to read this book and give an honest review. This book is darling, such a sweet story, really easy and calm read. Highly recommended!!

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Tiger Beetle at Kendallwood is the 2nd title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection {Click HERE to learn more }

The plot is interesting, the story fast paced and enjoyable to read. A book I’d recommend to any teen looking for a quick read that would also hold their interest. There’s a little twist at the end of the book that made me laugh at myself, for I had the ending all figured out in my mind only to have it totally flip-flop around.

Mary K. Jung

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Rockin' into Romance is the 3rd title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection {Click HERE to learn more}

Norma Jean Lutz’s Rockin’ into Romance is a throwback charmer of a teen story. First published before eBook took over the literary landscape this book has been reformatted for the Digital world. Volume 3 in The Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection, this will take you back to when you were a teenager – and it’s the perfect gift for any teenager now. Timeless and sweet, it’s a romance that will make a young girls heart flutter while still remaining wholesome enough to satisfy any parent.

Heather G  

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Oklahoma Exile is the 4th title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection  {Click HERE to learn more}

I finished Oklahoma Exile and I loved it! It is a story about love on all levels. Love of family, love of surroundings, love of work, love of life, young love and actual puppy love, and learning to love!! What can I say?! I loved it

Lisa Smith 

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Forever is Over is the 5th title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection {Click HERE to learn more}

What could be more traumatic to a sixth grader than to have her best friend and neighbor move away? The answer? To have that friend return in eighth grade, totally changed. But then, Lori Ann Layton doesn't believe her former best friend has changed. Lori believes even though friend, Maritza Novales, is devastated by her parents' divorce, and even though she now looks like a model for Seventeen Magazine — she's still the same on the inside. After all, Lori knows Maritza better than anyone, or so she thinks. And now she sets about to prove it.

Book Blurb

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Lingering Dreams is the 6th title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection {Click HERE to learn more}

In an earlier time before technology entered our lives, teens met at school and talked on the phone incessantly. Lingering Dreams is one of these teen novels where a girl and boy actually talk to each other, help each other grow and realize their talents. Kirsten does not recognize her talents and believes she has few. This changes when Enrique, the foster son of her aunt and uncle, arrives to assist her father with a multitude of duties at their Oklahoma ranch. Enrique meets the people in their small town and really cares about them. He not only recognizes Kirsten's qualities but helps her to develop them in several positive ways. The author's character development brings out the best in each person and leaves the reader with a desire to linger with this family.