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Clean Teen ReadsHarsh Realities

Music is a wonderful gift, but being a musician is a uniquely demanding career. Many young, novice musicians may dream of making it big, but should that dream come true, they’re faced with the harsh realities that come with the territory.

This is exactly what happens to Reid Lavelle, the star in my novel, Rockin’ Into Romance. Following hectic tour schedules, having to be on at all times, and being surrounded by screaming, adoring fans, isn’t near as exciting as he thought it would be.

Clean Teen ReadsSleep Deprivation

So what are some of the perils that a traveling musician might face? One of the first is a messed-up sleep schedule. Hours of sitting in airports, long plane flights, jumping time zones, sleeping in a different bed each night, all add up to sleep deprivation. This doesn’t even take into account the late night performance gigs that may last until the wee hours of the morning.

Say Bye to Healthy Eating

Next to go is a healthy diet. Eating is mostly grabbing something on the run. To have even the semblance of a balanced diet would mean being extremely intentional, which is next to impossible when moving about from one place to the next.

Jangled Nerves 

shooting-star-rock-clipart-1Now stir in a goodly amount of anxiety. Some have travel anxiety; others become anxious shut up in a hotel room (they say it feels like a prison cell); still others suffer from the anxiety that comes with performing onstage in front of a live audience.

It’s difficult to consider these aspects when attending a great concert, performed by your favorite stars. But they’re real nonetheless.

Consider the Perks

Are there perks to being famous? Of course. Most musicians are passionate about their music – they’re doing what they love. And for many, the financial gains can be tremendous

In Rockin’ Into Romance, Reid has decided he’s had just about enough, and the perks aren’t enough to hold him. You can purchase a copy HERE. 

Clean Teen Reads

PS:  Have you ever personally known someone who traveled on a concert tour? Tell about it in the comment below. I love to hear from followers of Clean Teen Reads!

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