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The Introvert May Get Lost 

In a world filled with boisterous, noisy, seemingly-confident, people, oftentimes the introvert (who has as much to say, as much to offer, and as much with which to enrich the world) gets lost in the noise.

While this speaker, Susan, Cain is not a teen, she talks about her teen years, and her TED talk was one of 9 talks recommended by teens. (The others are listed here.)

Open Your Suitcase

Just because you are not the most outspoken person in the room, doesn’t make you any “less-than” those around you. Take heart. And do as Susan Cain suggests and “open YOUR suitcase.” You may be surprised how your “suitcase” can be a blessing, and encouragement, and a great benefit to those God has placed in YOUR world.

Watch Susan’s TED Talk right HERE: 

Clean Teen Reads

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Clean Teen Reads

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