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At this point in my career, I enjoy looking back with amazement of all that God directed, and perpetrated, in my writing life. That’s what this post is all about.

First Published Novel

Flower in the Hills will always be very special to me because it was the first of my titles to ever be published. But it didn’t come easy. At the top of my goals list (year after year) I would write these words:

“This year I will hold my published book in my hand.”

I never gave up, but each year I wrote out my list and placed those words at the top. Then it finally happened! The manuscript was purchased by Silhouette for their “First Love” series. Heady stuff for a newbie like I was at the time. They titled it Blossom into Love.

Clean Teen ReadsOf course, I thought they would purchase my next offering. And the next after that. Nope. Never happened. Quite disheartening. I made good royalties from the title because Silhouette was large enough to sell foreign rights! Nice!

The shelf life was amazingly short. That too, was a rude awakening.

Technological Advances (Amazon)

BUT THEN – technology made extreme advances. Years after this book was published, I regained my rights and I changed the title to Flower in the Hills. Clean Teen ReadsGave it a new cover and offered it on Amazon. The cover wasn’t all that great, but I was moving ahead. (I have no quittin’ sense, as Grandma used to say.) I’m a great believer in pushing ahead even when all the “ducks” are not in a row.

This was the launch of the Classic Collection, and Flower in the Hills was joined by five other titles in the collection!

Clean Teen Reads

Flower in the Hills

The New Face Lift

This past year, my very special novel received yet another face lift, and an even better cover was designed. Flower in the Hills never looked better. And Latina’s amazing, heartwarming story still flourishes! After all these years, this novel has found a whole new reading audience. Now that’s an awesome blessing.

What a journey it has been. Not an easy journey, but one I would never trade.


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