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Pets play a major role in my novel Forever is Over. Lori Ann’s family has a large cat they call Clean Teen ReadsGitty. In the house behind them—on the other side of the hedgerow– Grady Pendergrass’s family has a dog named Digger.

We had no inside pets in my growing-up home. We were farm people and the animals belonged outdoors. But it seemed even family pets that we did have often just disappeared. (Not real sure about that.) My father had an English setter that was his hunting dog, so I did spend time with him.


Clean Teen ReadsMy daughter, on the other hand, was a born “cat person.” She loved cats from little up. So I made sure she always had cats to love on.

Ki-ki — Means Kitty

Now her daughter (my granddaughter), is cut from the same cloth. She too has loved cats from little up. In fact, one of her first words was “ki-ki” for kitty. And of course, she loved “Hello Kitty.” As a teenager, she’s past that stage, but definitely still loves cats.

This is granddaughter, Elisabeth, in this photo, with Suki. Miss E. is now 14, so this was taken a few years ago.

Gitty’s Important Role

In Forever is Over, Gitty has an important role to play—when it comes to Digger (the cat-chasing dog), then involves Grady (the man with the plan), and then with Lori Ann’s old friend (who has now returned from being away for two years), Maritza.

Here’s an excerpt from the book with Gitty in the starring role:

          Gitty Kitty, the large gold-and-white family cat, was there to greet her. The cat rolled over on her back to get her tummy rubbed. “Hi Gitty, Gitty, watch cat. Did you keep the house safe for the Layton family today?” Lori put her books and the mail on the hall table and knelt down to rub the cat’s fat furry tummy. The luxurious fur was like plush velvet. “Did you keep all the boogie men away? Mm?”

Can’t you just hear the love in Lori Ann’s voice? Yeah, I can too!

Pets in Your Life? 

What part do pets play in your life? In your family? In your home? Would love to hear your comments!

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