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Clean Teen ReadsYour Birth Order

Where are you in the birth order in your family?  Eldest? Middle? Baby of the family?

Did you know that birth order has a lot to do with way you act and react, and will affect you for a lifetime? Interesting, right?

Never Felt Like an Older Sister

I was the baby of the family. And yet I had two younger siblings. How does that make any sense? Here’s the scoop. My sister was two (almost three) years older than I was. But when we were seven and nine, our mother married our stepfather. What came next? Two more children.

I was eight when my younger sister was born; I was thirteen when my baby brother was born.

I’d been the baby of the family for eight years, then blamo! Interlopers appeared! LOL  I never did feel like an older sister. I find that both strange and fascinating.

Sibling Dynamics in Plots

Clean Teen ReadsI love using sibling dynamics in my novels. In Forever is Over, Lori Ann is the middle child. Tough spot to be in. There’s older sister, Karla, who can be rather bossy at times. Then there’s younger brother, Blake. She’s stuck with walking him home from school three days a week. Which to her is a pain.

Families Split Apart

In this day and age, siblings sometimes get split apart. That’s what happened to Lori Ann’s friend, Maritza. Her parent are divorced which means she lives with her mother, but her brothers live with their father. This set of circumstances (and the whole divorce mess), causes Maritza to be filled with anger.

No Choice of Family

We may be able to choose our friends, but there’s not much choice when it comes to family members. What’s your family like? How do you relate within your own family unit? Leave me a message. I love to hear from my Clean Teen Reads “family.”Clean Teen Reads

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