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Flynn McGarryFlynn McGarry wanted to cook. Even though he was only ten, he began practicing cooking after school. He started with simple dishes at first, cooking for a few of his mother’s friends.

When he turned eleven, he started purchasing cookbooks and studying some of the greats such as Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz. He also says, he watched cooking videos on YouTube. Gradually, his dishes became more complicated.

When he turned twelve, he was serving a greater number of courses to a greater number of guests. He was running his own supper club (operating out of his mother’s home in Studio City), which he called EUREKA, named for the street where he lived.

At thirteen, Flynn began apprenticing at Ray’s and Stark Bar at LACMA under Chef Kris Morningstar, then later went on to stage at Eleven Madison Park under Chef Daniel Humm as well as at Alinea, Next, and Modernist Cuisine in Seattle.

At sixteen, McGarry finished his high school examinations and moved to New York City, where he opened his own restaurant, Eureka NYC, in the West Village. The only chef at Eureka NYC, McGarry cooks a 14-course tasting menu inspired in part by his international travels.

Flynn, by his very actions, shows that any teen can follow their  dream and make it  come to reality.

The video tells even more…

Clean Teen Reads

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Clean Teen Reads

Clean Teen Reads

Clean Teen Reads


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