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Clean Teen ReadsI’m sure it’s no secret to you that fashions change almost at the drop of a hat. (No pun intended!)

I can remember when Fridays were jeans/Levis day at our school. We wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing jeans any other day except on jeans day.  Wow! Did that fashion ever change.

In Flower in the Hills, our main character, Latina, is spending her summer in an old farmhouse in the Ozark hills in Missouri. If that were you, what would you be wearing every day? Probably shorts, right? It’s summer; it’s hot. But look at this.


A Wraparound What?Clean Teen Reads

As Latina is walking through the house to answer a knock at the door, she is “retying her wraparound skirt as she went.”

A skirt? She’s wearing a skirt? And a wraparound skirt at that.

A wraparound skit is one large piece of fabric with long ties. Usually there’s a hole in the waistband to pull the right tie through. The left tie is pulled around to the back and the two are then tied together. Some tie in the back, some on the side, some in the front.(As in the photo of this old Simplicity pattern.)

[As an interesting side note – these skirts are now actually coming back into style. You just never know do you!]

Skirts and Dresses Every Day

But back to the point. In Latina’s day, skirts and blouses, or simple cotton dresses were worn on a daily basis. Shorts? Once in a while.

How would that fit with your present wardrobe?

Other Drastic Changes

And speaking of changes. Omigoodness – have children’s car seats ever changed through the years. In Flower in the Hills, Althea’s car seat plays an important role in the story. I can tell you that that car seat in the story looked nothing like what you see today.

That’s coming up in the next blog!

Meanwhile, keep on reading,

Norma Jean

PS: What did your mom wear when she was in high school that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing to school today?

PPS: Are you fashion-conscious? Or do clothes take second place in your life?

Leave your comments below. I love hearing from you.

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    • Thanks for sharing Pam. I find it fascinating how styles come and go. And yes, pedal pushers were the going thing for a while. And your mom would have been the “cool” one wearing them! LOL!

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