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Another New Book Cover

Book #3 in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection — Rockin’ Into Romance is next in line to grace a fresh new cover. All of the Classic Collection books are re-releases of novels that I authored in the 1990s. The stories are from a simpler time (pre-cell phones), and yet are full of fun, adventure, and sweet romance.

Amazon Review 

“Arianna is not the typical teenage girl who falls head over heels in love with rock star Reid Lavelle. A classical music lover who plays the violin in the Youth Symphony, she enters a contest at the insistence of her best friend Kara. The prize? A date with Reid. She wins the contest, but things don’t go very well for her or for him. Reid knows nothing about classical music, and Ari knows nothing about rock and roll. The contrast between them, their weaknesses and mistakes, as well as their conflicts—all make this book come alive.”

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