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Dual Role

This post serves a dual role. It’s definitely a Teens on the Scene featuring the young founder of an organization called Harmonies for the Elderly.

And it’s also the third post in my series on music—this one dealing with music and the memories. (See Music Part #1 HERE, and Music Part #2 HERE)

Music therapy for the elderly is a fairly recent concept, but it’s a well-known fact that music has the almost-magical ability to conger up memories from the past. This happens with anyone, including those who are suffering from mild or severe dementia, as well as Alzheimer’s.

Clean Teen ReadsFounder of Harmonies for the Elderly

Violinist, Deepa Rajan, founded Harmonies for the Elderly in 2010, and since then has gathered a team of dedicated young musicians to build and expand the service. Deepa likes to focus on facilities in lower-income areas where the ability to supply music therapy might be out of their budget range.

As stated on the Harmonies for the Elderly websiteMusic has the extraordinary power to bridge the gap between the youth and elderly populations.

 Listen to Deepa’s TED talk here to learn more about her, her vision, and the organization she founded.

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