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I’ve worked with (hung out with) teens for over 15 years as a sponsor in my local church youth group. I love teens; and I know teens. (Well, as much as they allow me to know them!) I have found, through the years, that teens are all over the place ~~

  • being creative
  • doing good
  • helping in the community
  • inventing
  • building businesses
  • creating music and art
  • writing and publishing
  • and the list goes on and on

When you see one of my blogs with this “Teens on the Scene” banner at the top, you’ll know it is showcasing extra-special teens doing extra-special things.

I also love to learn interesting information about what famous people were doing when they were teens. Look for those “Teens on the Scene” episodes as well!

Watch for that banner!!

Clean Teen Reads




Clean Teen ReadsClean Teen Reads






Clean Teen Reads

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Clean Teen Reads


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