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The Open Book, Wigtown, Scotland

Attention Book Lovers!! You’re never going to believe this! 

You’ve heard of  Airbnb. Well have you ever heard of an Airbnb bookshop? Probably not, because this is pretty remote, and very rare!

The bookshop, located in Wigtown, Scotland, rents the bookstore and the flat upstairs for anyone who wants a charming, relaxing, vacation. And of course, you would most likely be a book lover to the max!

Here’s a blog entry from an actual guest, who fills in the details. Click HERE

Here’s a quote from his journal of how he was greeted by the owner:

“Just jot down the type of book you sell so we can restock properly. That’s it.” He hands me the keys. “We say to guests the bookshop is theirs to run, and can be open and closed as they see fit. Though the more it’s open the better it is for the festival.”

I would be absolutely giddy. This may be added to my bucket list!

How about you?

Clean Teen Reads

Clean Teen Reads

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Clean Teen Reads

Clean Teen Reads

Clean Teen Reads



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