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Do you play a musical instrument? Do your parents have to keep after you to practice, practice, practice?

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In my novel, Rockin’ into Romance, our main character, Arianna, never has to be told to practice her violin. She is intense about her love for music and for her instrument. (And, after all, she IS from a very musical family.) Her parents, however, would like to see her loosen up and have a bit of fun. (Rockin’ into Romance is the 3rd title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection.)



Teen violin virtuoso, Roberto Ruisi, is like Arianna in some ways. He is soClean Teen Reads skilled and committed to his music, that he was actually given a rare Stradivarius to play while on tour. The owner of the instrument, John Ludlow, was drawn to Ruisi, as they both come from Edgbaston in Birmingham, UK, and attended the same King Edward’s School.

Amazing things can happen when you are dedicated, disciplined, and committed.

What are the struggles/joys in your life with regard to being a musician? I would love to hear back from you. Leave your comments below.

You can read more about Roberto – just click here.  http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-28639712   And here: http://www.the12ensemble.com/#!roberto/c1dxb

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Practicing Too Much? Can That Be? — 3 Comments

  1. I love this post,practice makes perfect, as they say i don’t think you can ever practice too much, especially when it comes to something that you love, i think it helps you become better disciplined, dedicated and committed.

      • I could have had a great career in music, when i was younger, my family didn’t believe you can have a career in music, due to what they’ve seen in media, that affected me really bad, i decided to take other route, only when i grew older i picked up singing again but now its hard with the family of my own, its best when you younger, music would always be my first love.

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