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People who do not live in Oklahoma, or have never visited our fair state, usually think of the Clean Teen Readsarea as being flat.  And dusty if they’ve read Grapes of Wrath, or watched documentaries of the Dust Bowl days. Mountains seldom come to mind when thinking of Oklahoma.

But yes, there are mountains in Oklahoma – the Ouachita Mountain Range is located throughout the southeastern part of the state. The area is characterized by rolling, rocky terrain and pine-covered hills. The mountains were originally home to the Ouachita Tribe. (Ouachita is pronounced: Wash-ih-taw.)

Clean Teen ReadsIt’s at the foot of these mountains that Marcy Hankins lives – the main character in Tiger Beetle at Kendallwood. The town of Andonburg, where Marcy’s father owns the local drug store, is a fictional place, but the hills in the story definitely are not. And the town’s personality is quite typical of scores of small towns all across Oklahoma.

The ambiance of the setting is quiet and laid back, but Marcy’s life is anything but… She is a world of turmoil, and her twin sister (her total personality opposite) is making things worse!

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Clean Teen Reads

Rockin into RomanceThe Clash of Cultures: Mozart Meets Heavy Metal!

A Concert Violinist and a Heavy Metal Rock Star?

Arianna Stefanoff, concert violinist: rock music sounds like pots and pans banging together. Reid Lavelle, rock star extraordinaire: doesn’t know an oboe from a piccolo.

Rockin’ into Romance is title #3 in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection.

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Clean Teen Reads

Clean Teen Reads


Oklahoma Mountains? — 2 Comments

  1. Oklahoma Mountains looks like treat for outdoor lovers like myself, beautiful mountains and the scenery is just breathtaking, i never read a book but it look like one of those classic books,i am intrigued with the famous quote “No guy in his right mind would ever want to date a girl who plays around with those creepy things. It’s abnormal” it would be my next book to read, thanks for sharing the light

    • Hi Eugenia — You’re right about mountains being a treat for lovers of the out of doors. I hope you enjoy Tiger Beetle at Kendallwood. Let me know what you think!

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