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My hometown —

I lived in Burlingame, KS from my 2nd grade year until high school graduation. 

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Author Display in Library in Burlingame, Kansas

While growing up in this small farming community in NE Kansas, I could never have imagined that one day my books would be available in the local library.

Hang on to your dreams. Don’t let them go. Because those dreams truly can come true. My longing to become a published author took years to become a reality.

I can look back and say, it’s been worth all the disappointments, discouragements, setbacks, and dead ends. I just had no “quittin’ sense.”  I didn’t get in this business to get out. I got in to stay! And the sticktoitiveness has paid off big time.

Many thanks to Brandi Shaffer, director of the Burlingame library, not only for featuring several of my published titles, but also for creating this eye-catching display.

[Shortly into our first conversation we learned that I attended school with her aunt (who was in my grade) and her father as well. Gotta love a small town. :^)]


Below is a photo of the school building where I attended 2nd through 4th grades. At that time our library was a small room where those double windows are — second floor, front, center. I can still remember the aroma of old books — an aroma I will always love.  [The building is now a museum.]

Clean Teen Reads

Old Schuyler Grade School Building, Burlingame, Kansas

Clean Teen Reads

Contact Your Local Library

You can help bolster our library marketing campaign by contacting your local library and tell them about Brought To You By The Color Drabthen ask them to add it to their system. Libraries listen to their patrons. Your request matters to them! If we don’t tell them, they’ll never know.

You can make a request to your library by:

  1. Email
  2. Phone call
  3. In person


Give them this important information:

Title: Brought To You By The Color Drab

ISBN#: 978-0-9908037-8-2

Available at Ingram Wholesaler

Thanks for your help, Norma Jean

Clean Teen Reads

Clean Teen Reads


Want to know more about Brought To You By The Color Drab?

You can read the first two chapters right here. Just click below.

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Clean Teen Reads

Clean Teen Reads

Clean Teen Reads


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