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Being an indie author is not for the faint of heart. There are so many moving parts. This has been an interesting 5-year journey for me. Not the least of which has been a straight-up learning curve. One part of the learning experience has been the importance of a good cover. So here we are!

Flower in the Hills now boasts of a brand new look. And I think you’ll agree, it’s a great improvement.

Get Moving

But here’s my philosophy–I’d rather be running down the field going the wrong way than to stay sitting on the bench. So I jump out and make things happen. Even with a less-than-stellar book cover.

Follow Your Dreams

How about you? Do you have a dream? A passion burning inside of you? But you’re sitting on the bench thinking about it? Get moving. The brand new year of 2017 is almost upon us. What a great time for you to write out your goals list and get moving to make your dreams come true.

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Clean Teen Reads

Clean Teen Reads

Clean Teen Reads


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