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Clean Teen ReadsIn my latest teen novel, Brought To You By The Color Drab the main character, Race, gets a job as a driver for a blind piano tuner. (Actually, it was either take the job or land in juvie. So he took the job. But more about that in the book.)

A Terrifying Condition

Blindness can be a terrifying condition. The level of fear can be almost overwhelming. But I happen to know a blind person who overcame the fear and pushed through to amazing victory in his life.

Jim Stovall

I knew Jim Stovall in the early days, shortly after he’d totally lost his sight. (Up to that point he could still see forms and shadows–then all went black.) During this time in the 1980s, he was still incubating the idea for the Narrative Television Network. On a daily basis, he was calling major companies in an attempt to find sponsors. Even back then, Jim was doggedly determined.

Now many years later, Jim is an author, motivational speaker, movie producer, as well as remaining president of the NTN company. In 2010, Stovall received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Council of the Blind for his work with the Narrative Television Network.

The Ultimate Gift

You can watch Jim in this video telling his story. This interview was a few years ago–there have been so many accomplishments since. Perhaps you’ve heard of the movie The Ultimate Gift. If so, then your life has been touched by Jim Stovall

In Brought To You By The Color Drab, Stan Crosslin, did not allow his loss of sight to define his life. Like Jim Stovall, Stan pressed through and became a positive influence in the life of my main character, Race Paloma.

Enjoy the video…

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