During my writing career I have been privileged to have over 50 titles published under my name. Due to the nature of the publishing world in days past, most of these titles were off the shelves and out of print in a short period of time. Sad but true.

Now, a new day has dawned in the word of publishing. Digital publishing has allowed me to bring out my past titles just for you – my new generation of readers.

​The Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection is a series of 6 titles – each one an adventurous, fun-filled light romance.

Even though these stories were written years ago (before cell phones!), they are timeless.

I’m excited to be able to bring these stories out of the files and into your hands. I hope you enjoy your read. [Scroll down  to see all six -- with their accompanying video trailers.]

Clean Teen Reads

Flower in the Hills is the 1st title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection 

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Review for Flower in the Hills

This book is a story of a girl's "coming of age" - the time when a teen doesn't get she wants, and learns to be okay and flourish in the situation. Latina is forced to spend the summer in the Ozark hills instead of the beach with her summer boyfriend. Her first impressions of the hills and the people are negative, and she expects to be miserable all summer. At first she is, until she opens up and meets a friend, Donna Dee, and a hard-working young man named Tully. Latina begins a subtle change inside, and before long, she is enjoying herself in the backwoods town. Then her ritzy summer boyfriend comes to see her, and she realizes how shallow their relationship is. Latina starts seeing Tully in a different light, and learns that she has a gift of working with Tully's handicapped sister. Norma Jean writes with a lot of insight as to how teens think and feel. This is a clean, great story about letting go of preconceived notions of other people and places, and of blooming where you are placed.

Review for Tiger Beetle at Kendallwood

A great book filled with fascinating characters and an excellent plot that held my interest all the way to the end. All the characters seemed to pop off the page! Many reminded me of people I'd known during my high school days.

I loved how Marcy and Cissy, though twins, were total opposites in personality and interests. Marcy is not a stereotypical teenage girl. I sympathized with her because she always seemed to get caught in the middle of Cissy's amusing (and often annoying) antics as she competed with the story's domineering Southern belle, Maureen, both of whom had their hearts set on football hero Spence.

These characters, coupled with the plot's twists and turns, kept me wondering what Spence was really all about. I won't ruin this story by divulging that here. What's up with Spence kept me reading till the book's very end. A great, and entertaining, read!

Review for Rockin' Into Romance

Norma Jean Lutz’s “Rockin’ into Romance” is a throwback charmer of a teen story. First published before eBook took over the literary landscape this book has been reformatted for the Digital world. Volume 3 in The Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection, – it’s the perfect gift for any teenager. Timeless and sweet, it’s a romance that will make a young girls heart flutter while still remaining wholesome enough to satisfy any parent.

Arianna Stefanoff, Ari, is a high school student with little time to spare. She studies hard and pushes herself even harder in her quest to master the violin. Hours of practice fill her days – her art consuming her to a degree which worries her parents, even if her Father is a fellow musician and member of the St. Louis Philharmonic. Classic music is in her soul – a fact that makes Ari a bit different from her classmates, even her best friend Kara Soreson. Kara is a lover of all things Rock and Roll, the music, the looks and the artists themselves. Her most recent obsession is 16-year-old Reid Lavelle, a musician whose talent is described as ‘Absolutely Wild!’ On a whim, Ari agrees to enter a contest to meet the dreamy artist – setting her up for an adventure the likes of which this violin player never imagined.

This book is perfect the perfect teenage tale – young girl turns her nose up at egotistical famous young man yet the attraction and intrigue is there. It’s a great setup and a perfectly charming story. I loved it.

Clean Teen Reads

Oklahoma Exile is the 4th title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection

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Review for Oklahoma Exile

Oklahoma Exile by Norma Jean Lutz is the story of a City Girl forced by events to adapt to the life of a Country Girl. The larger conflict is whether she will succeed in doing this while at the same time retaining the identity of Serena.

The reader knows immediately that Serena City Girl has a disdain for a country lifestyle. Serena is polite about this and the larger conflict is expressed and takes place largely within Serena herself. Only a very perceptive relative or friend could detect this conflict. 

It's a well-told story aimed at a younger crowd (YA) but still a pleasant value-affirming read for an older reader.

Clean Teen Reads

Forever is Over is the 5th title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection

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​Blurb About Forever is Over 

"Lori froze. Maritza turned to look at her with perfectly made-up eyes. Her hair was fluffed high on top and cascaded down into long soft curls, as though a professional stylist had just put a finishing touch on it before pushing her on stage. Her vivid aqua blouse was neatly tucked into a pair of slim black jeans. Black boots completed the ensemble as neat as a pin. She must have grown six inches—tall and willowy. What had Amy said? A knockout? That was an understatement."

What could be more traumatic to a sixth grader than to have her best friend and neighbor move away? The answer? To have that friend return in eighth grade, totally changed. But then, Lori Ann Layton doesn't believe her former best friend has changed. Lori believes even though friend, Maritza Novales, is devastated by her parents' divorce, and even though she now looks like a model for Seventeen Magazine — she's still the same on the inside. After all, Lori knows Maritza better than anyone, or so she thinks. And now she sets about to prove it.

Clean Teen Reads

Lingering Dreams is the 6th and final title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection

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Review for Lingering Dreams

In this story, in the time before the internet and cell phones, comes Enrique Delaire, a 17-year old boy, arrives in Oklahoma to work on the Nicholson's ranch. Daughter Kirsten is taken swiftly away from her chores to pick up Enrique at the bus station.

Kirsten and Enrique clash right from the beginning as Enrique just seems so arrogant and a know-it-all. Kirsten's fiance is currently at a farrier school in Colorado. Who's going to stay in her heart forever?

A sweetly written and fun story to read regardless of your age. There is always something to be learned from these basically young adult stories. Highly recommend.